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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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I don't mind losing.......but getting completely embarrassed is just unacceptable. The bills are better, but they aren't, "You don't even stand a chance it's laughable you are even on the same field with us" better. This is a complete disgrace.


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Yeah @Ross, think our first pick could be used on either a top notch fat body dt or cb or possibly an OT

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The most criminal thing about this offense this season is how they treated Bourne like an afterthought. By far, the Pats’ best receiver. Yet he was limited to four targets a game for most of the season.

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5 drives, 5 TDs. Doing great, guys... I realize they're down some guys, but this is pretty bad. Defense needs a near total overhaul. And most of the cap space next year will go towards franchising JC. Need a lot of defensive picks in the draft.
I'm not that concerned about Mac and the offense, its the defense thats been letting them down, the offense has been playing from behind. The defense needs and enema
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