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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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We are just fans. Don't take this teams failings onto yourselves. We aren't in the game...making decisions....the team is and it's 100% on them as a team. It's up to them to make success. The Bills are good but that doesn't mean the Pats can't beat them.

Do something good for yourself or friends or family tomorrow.

I agree. I'm disappointed but I called a loss before the game started because I knew the bills were just better. Now, I didn't expect the pats to get completely embarrassed however but hey.........This ain't your tom brady patriots.


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The Bills have been getting their **** pushed in by us for 20 years. They can enjoy a cute little run of slightly above mediocrity for a few more years.
I know, I have been telling myself that as they have started to ascend and Brady was on his way out, but screw them anyway haha

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Halftime is over already? Does it have to be?

Here's the plan. Don't field the defense. Let them score and get 7, then we'll have to score 8 points every drive til we catch up. Quick math says that should only take 25 drives. Plenty of time!
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