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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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Yeah, I can't remember the last time I turned off a patriots playoff game before half and never tuned back in. I'm doing it now. I feel so sorry for anyone that chooses to keep watching this but have fun.


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I don't think I can recall our defense playing as badly nor this site being as slow....just saying!!!


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There is zero fight in this defense. Hightower apparently decided to retire before the game. He is awful tonight. Bench him for anyone.

The forums seems to be overloaded. This board is melting just like the defense.

This is a blowout. The pick also didn’t help…


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Defense need to be blown up, from coaches to players this offseason.


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Wow. Bye Jerod. Bye Josh. Bye JC.
Screw all of you. The lack of fight and communication is telling. A lot of these players should be benched right now. Let the backups play.


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Sadly it's looking like Buffalo's night and not ours. They are out working, out talenting and getting the calls/match ups they want. Oh well. I think most of us were hoping for a win, but even making the playoffs is more than some of us thought would happen at the start of the year.

Clearly we need to rebuild the D. The lack of speed/ability to deal with running QBs at the second level is a concern. IDK if a guy like Hightower will be the right call as long as Allen is in our division. Hopefully Mac can have a good second half and do something that will give him confidence for next year.

I said at the beginning of the year that the goal in my mind was to give Mac some playoff experience. I said before rookie QBs don't win. I didn't think we'd be the exception in the face of the rest of NFL history in that regard.

We need a good draft next year. A couple good drafts actually. With some great players. Not just good ones. true difference makers that fit in todays game. The only thing I'll say about this ass kicking is this: You're never as good as you're best game, and never as bad as you're worst. We aren't this bad and the Bills aren't this good. Just the way it is happening tonight.
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