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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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It was a successful season. A disaster of an ending. The Pats‘ defense has already conceded. Time to look to free agency and the draft.

we broke the piggy bank on FA this season.
The draft…well, we are an average drafting team so unless we fall butt backwards into some great players, that’s not an immediate solution.
I think we snuggly fit into a sample of mediocrity.


Paranoid Homer ex-moderator Supporter
I hope that the Patriots defensive players get their jocks back. Too cold out there to be without them.


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one good thing. JC jackson is not getting the big contract. so maybe we can sign him to 4 years 60.


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Defense need to be blown up, from coaches to players this offseason.


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Not a disaster. Got out of the bad position. Showed ability to make plays. Defense has to come to play - we cannot win a shootout
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