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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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It was a successful season. A disaster of an ending. The Pats‘ defense has already conceded. Time to look to free agency and the draft.
Given how the team looked after the bye, in my opinion it can't be regarded as successful. Playoff entry can only mask huge problems we have on all phases of the game.

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Something is wrong with this team since the bye week. My kids at the Hall played tougher than this.

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People want to compare this defense to the collapse of the 2019 defense, but at least the 2019 defense could stop a drive or two here and there at the end of the season.


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Neither Barmore nor Godcheaux are holding up at the point of attack. The former is understandable. He’s injured. Godcheaux has been bad all year. He’s getting blown about 3-4 yards off the ball. And what we’ve seen all year, we are seeing again today - interior OL are regularly getting a hat on our Mike.


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Well, let's see Mac sling it. I know there's tons of time left and they could technically still run a bit, but they'll really need to start throwing a lot. If the Bills lead increases any more, I'm turning this off so I can read my book.
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