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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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had to log out of the live chat... a few guys were a good 10-15 seconds ahead... spoiling every play before it happened...


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On that drive, the same problem that haunted NE in the last meeting : Allen running for a huge first down. If they can’t find an answer for that, they are in trouble.

Secondly, I don’t know how much offense NE will muster. And falling behind early has been a big issue for this team.

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bend then break...loving it...way to really surprise everyone...jeezus...

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I would love to see Adalius Judon play like the Pro Bowler they say he is.

If Hightower can't tackle anymore, he really shouldn't be out there.

Hope the offense can keep pace. A play action pass on 1st down would be nice.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
During the Brady era, I never worried when the Pats played a soft defense on the opening drive to get an idea of what the opposing offense is trying. But the offense is too conservative this year for that.
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