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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official 2023 Free Agency Thread

Zappe Hour

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I want an LT at 14 or a CB. I'm willing to pay money for OBJ or give a 3rd for Hopkins. If a 2nd and Bourne or Parker gets Jeudy or Higgins (it won't), I would definitely do that.
Still 30 vs 23 years of age.

We are looking at a division with Diggs, Hill,Waddle,Wilson


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Devon Witherspoon or Joey Porter Jr. at 14 (allows Jonathan Jones to move to FS)
Trade up from 46 with one of the 4ths to secure Dawand Jones at RT (BB is gonna bank on TBrown stepping up in a contract year with better coaching/gameplan). Rashee Rice or AT Perry in the 3rd. Luke Schoonmaker or Cameron Latu in the 4th. Also pickup some DL depth in the 4th.


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Come on Schoen, trade 25, 57 and 128 for 14 and get your guy.

Fat chance, the Giants GM is not Dave Gettleman anymore...

I think JSN is a good prospect, but I don't think he's at the level of some in last year's WR class. Considering there was supposedly a "small army" from the Giants going to watch him they must really like him



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Proven young player instead of crapshoot draft pick? I am sure BB is pondering Hmmmm. I think we are one of the inquiring Teams we could include Trent Brown in the package he would love to go back to his RT spot no arguments there.


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I did not expect that. IMO Jo. Jones or Mills will play FS.
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Just looking at the way the draft is trending, it looks like #14 will be the spot to take one of Joey Porter, Devon Witherspoon, Christian Gonzalez, Broderick Jones, Paris Johnson or Peter Skoronski. One of these 6 players will be there, and they all project as the type of player you'd find normally in the top 10 of any recent draft.

Thing is, all 6 may be gone by #15, so we may be seeing a draft that is really only 14 players deep in terms of PREMIUM players, and even then that's only the case because teams are overrating the 4 QBs.


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Awesome to see Mills signing with us again. The guy has been nothing but a valuable contributor here. He was much better that I initially anticipated he would be. Was a good corner for us, and I am sure he will be a great safety.

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