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Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

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Jesus. He's from Newtown, CT. Was an 8th grader when Sandy Hook shooting took place. His school went in lockdown. Used to trick or treat at the shooter's house.

One of my favorite Jazz saxophonists, Jimmy Greene, had his daughter Ana murdered that day. I think of her every time I play one of his CDs.


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EDIT: Everyone watch out.. Captain Stoner got a wish. He's going to regale us with just how "SMAHT" he is.... {sic}

But...the captain wanted to "waste draft capital" on him, while savvy Bill got him for free! ;)

I do love this pickup. Since they only carry one FB I always want to see one on the practice squad, and Mason is a great fit.

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Presumably one of the remaining 5 spots is for Langi if he clears waivers.

I really hope so. I did predict this move w Tavai on board but thought they'd wait for best moment to sneak him through.
Would be a pity to lose him for the second time which unfortunately is def. a possibility.
Great ST player but there is a logjam there as well so would probably be inactive..
He played his heart out during preseason and is a decent depth piece but the level of Pats team this yr is just ..