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Nostalgia: Super Friends / HBO Max

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Sep 19th

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Okay... kinda bored around the house... the Mrs has been away collecting even more frequent flier miles from the local and not so local hospital ICU wards...

Have been going thru Disney, HBO Max & Netflox looking for stuff to watch... Came across Super Friends on HBO Max... lol, figured why not, a dose of nostalgia, a cartoon from when i was a kid...

The first thing that struck me was there was 10 seasons of this show...

Holeeeee ****... this stuff is badass, lol... but i could only take so much... it is sooooooo corny ... fine to drop in for a short bit to have a chuckle or two, but be warned, though, dont bother watching a full episode... those early ones in S1 & 2 are a full 45 minutes long...


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The Mrs will think wtf when she comes back and sees kids cartoons on the recently watched. Sweet