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Cool Link Nice breakdown of Terrance Mitchell last year

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Agreed, Marcus is the understudy to Jon in the slot and also a return man. I personally think Jack Jones has a chance to make waves by the back half of the season. But early on, I'd guess it'll be Mills and Butler as your top 2 outside guys, with Mitchell and Wade rotating. At times perhaps Mills plays safety in some situations. It won't be the best CB group ever but with an experienced McCourty and some pretty good SS's in Dugger/Phillips, hopefully the DB group as a whole can be average by season's end.
I think you will see Marcus jones on the outside at least at times.
I don’t expect mills to play safety at all.


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With the standard 2 starters outside & 1 inside, Mitchell would be a #5, tops, on a legit contender... Yet here he is competing with the likes of Mills, Butler & Jackie Jones for one of the two outside openings...Jon Jones, Marcus Jones & Bryant are the inside guys while Wade & SloJoe are maybe vying more to become DMac's backup at this point in their careers... I'm not even thinking of them as CBs now... Bethel of course makes the 53 as
STer & Emergency CB...
Pats defense is just different when Jon Jones is playing. He’s an elite slot CB. The defense has gone downhill both times he got injured and missed time. Right now, he literally might be our best CB.

That being said, the Pats seem to be able to coach up unheralded CBs, either undrafted or lower draft picks. Butler, Jackson and Jon Jones all were undrafted and became good CBs for the Pats. I’m hoping Jack Jones will be the next one for the Pats. He has all the telltale signs of guys like Jackson, really good talent who got into trouble so his stock dropped. I believe he was a 5 star recruit. So the talent is there. I also am intrigued by Shaun Wade. Drafted in the 5th round due to an injury plagued senior season, most had him rated in the 2nd round. Has good size and speed. And he’s a hitter. Like I said, the Pats seem to be good at coaching these kind of guys up from JAGs to good players. It’s up to them, the coaching is there, it’s up to them to grab the opportunity.


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His combine 40 was 4.63s but he claimed he ran a 4.43s at a private workout (lol):

Ran a 4.52 at his pro day, which is what I'm assuming you're going by:

That’s eerily similar to SloJuan Williams at the Combine then at his pro day at Vanderbilt. Numbers are almost the same.

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That’s eerily similar to SloJuan Williams at the Combine then at his pro day at Vanderbilt. Numbers are almost the same.

That's a not-insignificant reason why Mitchell was nearly Mr Irrelevant of 2014; and why SloJuan should've been closer to him than to the 45th overall ****ing pick five years later.