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2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Don’t know the numbers/logistics, but this is one addition to the defense (and/or a NT) that I wouldn’t mind..

JJ Watt
Games played / sacks
2019.....8 / 4
2018.....16 / 16
2017......5 / 0
2016......3 / 1.5

2020.......5 / 2
(warranty almost up for the year)
$10.6 mill remaining salary In ‘20
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In the Starting Line-Up
Per ESPN the Jets are trying to trade Le'Veon Bell. How surprising that this high-priced free agent addition did not work out at all.
I think no one is surprised by that. A GM who was gone five minutes after signing him to play for a coach who didn't want him. Giving a RB that big second deal almost never works, Bell, Gurley, Shaun Alexander, Ahman Green, Demarco Murray are just a few. Hell even McCaffery the team lost every game with him and won every game without him and they're getting decent production out of Mike Davis who probably makes less in a season than CMC does in a week.


Pro Bowl Player
Pipe dream is an understatement; no chance, but would be nice..


Sciz Supporter Supporter
Are we wondering if he is an upgrade over Malula?
The Ravens tried Correa inside, but he has only ever shown NFL ability on the outside. That puts him more up against Rivers and Calhoun, who seem to be doing fine right now.

Edit: Moot now, as he has been traded to the Jags.
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