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NFL Free Agency 2022 edition


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Firstly, it should be the players and coaches who were embarrassed by that playoff loss in buffalo. Because I am an avid fan dating back to the 60's with this team, I am emotionally invested in the outcomes of games. My point was embarrassment by the team (including BB) should be a strong motivator to fill gaps and markedly improve on weaknesses on display.

Thus far, the Patriots have allowed some of their best players to leave or to be traded, while their arch rivals within the division have added significant talent.

The Pats do not have a bevy of draft picks in the first three rounds this year (3, starting with 21). THe outlook for the season is not rosy or good. I do not see how any true patriots fan, emotionally invested in the team could not feel frustrated.

This forum is supposed to be an outlet for communicated happiness or frustration.

Do I wish I were not at all invested emotionally in this team? No, I enjoy following the moves closely and discussing.
SMH.. So many things wrong here.
It's only the 2nd day of ACTUAL free agency and you're whining like games start this weekend.

You want everyone to think you're this great fan when, in essence, you're the exact opposite. You're jaded and entitled. You may have been following from the 60's, but everyone here is asking whether or not you've actually paid attention to the last 22 years. You're comments say that you haven't. You're comments say that you've ignored everything that's happened the last 22 years and you're oblivious to reality.

The REALITY is that the draft hasn't happened yet. The reality is that there is still 2.5 months after the draft before Training Camp. The reality is that the roster is going to change a LOT between now and then. This is something REAL Pats fans know about. Real Pats fans KNOW that there is no TROPHY for who adds the biggest names in free agency and that, 90% of the time the actual IMPACT a "NAME" player has is significantly less than hope for by that team. The Moves last year were part of a rebuild. That's continuing to go on now.

The Patriots have lost 2 players who were amongst their "best". Jackson and Mason. Jackson CHOSE to take a 5 year deal with less AAV (16.5) over the Patriots 3yr/$51M (17AAV) deal. Jackson felt that offered him security instead of a chance at a 2nd payday when he was 28. Mason is 29 years old with 2 years left on his deal. All of which isn't guaranteed. I don't know what the Patriots saw that made them feel like they needed to move on from Mason. But the reality is that they've put good to EXCELLENT guards on the field since Belichick got here. Tackles, not so much, but guards they have. From Compton to Neal, to Mankins, to Mason, etc.

To say that the "Outlook for the season isn't good" at this point is being a "Chicken Little". Not when we're only 2 days into Free Agency. As for the number of draft picks in the top 90, having 3 is better than some of the years where they had NONE. If they were playing games this weekend, it would be a different story.. But the first game is like 24-25 weeks from now. Still a LONG time to go..


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RK just doesn't want to spend the money.....
What does this have to do with RK not wanting to spend the money? Do we all really think he went to Bill and said “Hey, someone once claimed I didn’t let them shop for the groceries. I don’t want to ruin what we’ve got, so I’m gonna let you go buy the groceries. Here’s some food stamps to pay for ‘em.”?

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That’s a crock of **** man.
It's taken more than a decade to get people here to understand that the cap is a relative non-issue, even though BB's said basically the same thing in the past. How long is it going to take to get y'all to understand that Kraft is not a big spender? How many times does it have to be shown that he's only in the middle of the actual dollars spent spectrum before it starts getting through to people?

If you want to haggle over the word choice of "cheap", that's fine. But that's just semantics. No matter which word you choose (I believe I've generally used "frugal" as the word), he had the most successful team in the league, while he kept the actual dollars spent relatively low.


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IF they are reserved in spending this year. It's quite obvious they have conceded that they had a couple of blunders last year. We don't have a competitive roster at all on paper right now. But alot of already Better Teams than us do.
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“Bill? Hey, listen, you need to throw your fandom a bone and Ty Monty ain’t it. Something to give them some hope that you are still in it to win it come September….”


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Sounds like it’s purely down to the patriots not wanting to spend money this year.. from what I’ve seen on Twitter


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Whatever visions GM Bill had of Junnu Smith and Nelson Agholor better come to fruition it's our only hope this year yikes! Somebody help us. :(


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Yep Kraft is cheap.
Not gonna derail the thread to go into detail about how disappointing this is. How about you just go do some research on annual payrolls by teams over the years, then go do some additional research on the history of this organization so that you might be able to fully appreciate what Kraft has done. Is he a perfect man? No. Is he cheap? No. There’s plenty of other owners in this league that deserve that description.

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Before the draft

This is looked like a 2 and 15 year.

Dude. I understand some frustration with the players we've lost and the free agents that signed elsewhere, but 2-15? Seriously? Maybe take a breath before your next post.

I would literally bet every penny I earn for the rest of my life the Pats aren't a 2-15 team next season.


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IF they are reserved in sending this year. It's quite obvious they have conceded that they had a couple of blunders last year. We don't have a competitive roster at all on paper right now. But alot of already Better Teams than us do.
OR, they have set values in their mind of what a player is worth and are not willing to get into bidding wars. OR, they don’t see guys like Agholor and Smith like some of us do and believe they have a chance to show something this year and have plans to supplement. I mean come on. Look at allllll of the players the pats have been tied to but haven’t gotten because of the money. Bottom line is that the team will spend to the cap and not mortgage the future. Call me crazy, but that’s kinda the way its been over the last 20 years.


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"Need" is a difficult term to work with, because it's so inexact and people here manipulate it. In an ideal world, in the sense of receiver depth charts, you'd want Bourne and Meyers as your WR3/WR4 guys.
Bourne has the ability to be a good receiver that plays both inside and out. Much like Edelman did. Meyers is almost strictly a slot guy. Wouldn't mind seeing someone opposite Bourne that has the same versatility. That would make all 3 better.

The Pats need to get the ball into the hands of Bourne, Henry and Smith more than they did. They need to go to Meyers LESS.

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No, it wouldn't.

Multiple teams are linked to Landry... not including the Patriots. The only people talking up Landry seem to be fans of the team.

There's not much happening on the Anderson front either, which isn't a bad thing, they can do better... if they do anything at all.

First, who cares if the Pats aren't linked to the Patriots. The Pats weren't linked to most of the free agents they signed last year. The Pats always do things under the radar and tell agents once they get their best deal, come back to us and we will see if we can match or beat it. It really means nothing.

Second, Anderson is solid player who had put up respectable numbers with mostly Sam Darnold throwing to him. The one year he had more than a abismal QB throwing to him (a very average at best Teddy Bridgewater) he had 95 catches for 1096 yards and 3 TDs. Pretty respectable numbers when you have a QB throwing to you who couldn't even start on at least half the teams in the NFL if not 3/4 of them.

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You gotta wonder if we are better than the Jets and Miami Talent wise now... Yeah we look that bad compared to the Iron of the League.
1000 percent on paper we are last in the division.
We need players to step up in a huge way.

Bills just signed Shaq Lawson also.

That’s starting to look like a all madden team.


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and realistically they cannot build a SB caliber roster this year with a 2nd year mac.....that's just logic.....they are playing a multi-year build to be a legit superbowl contender, period....
Please define what a "Super Bowl Caliber" roster consists of. Then go back and take a look at the previous Patriots SB Rosters (there's only 9) and let me know how many of them fit your definition.. I guarantee you that 2001 did NOT have a "SB Caliber" Roster. And people said the same about the Pats of 2003&2004 when they has Branch, Patten, Givens, and Brown as the WR.

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