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NFL Draft: Day 2

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No Lawrence
No Isabella
No light left in the world


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Recoup the lost pick earlier.

Make 3 picks in the 3rd round. #118 traded for a veteran?

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Patriots updated 2019 draft picks:

1st round: WR N'Keal Harry
2nd round: CB Joejuan Williams
3rd round: 73
3rd round: 77
3rd round: 97
4th round: 118
4th round: 134
6th round: 205
7th round: 239
7th round: 243
7th round: 246
7th round: 252


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I hear ya but bb tends to draft for wants, not for needs. He clearly wanted this guy badly over the te’s left. Im a bit concerned about te too but confident bb has a plan there. Ibbwt!

Your thoughts are spot on. BB is relatively consistent in that he goes after best player. And I'm of the mind too many good players at one position is not a weakness (especially CB). If DoubleJ ends up being a good one then the pick was worth it.
With that said we are dreadfully, woefully lacking at a critical position. 2 years in a row 2nd rounder on CB while a younger TE being brought up 'organically' hasn't happened. Man, I just hope BB has plan B for that position. IMHO (and only my opinion) a lack of a good TE could be a backbreaker of a difference (keep in mind how excruciatingly close the playoff games have been. Now picture those games without a legit TE threat. Eeee)
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