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NFL Draft: Day 2

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Not having a dependable predictable NFL experienced player at LT to protect Tom is a legitimate issue.

I'm sure BB has a plan but Christ.....lets go.

Isn't a dependable and legitimate TE for Tom to be able to get rid of the ball before being pancaked arguably as important if not more important considering there are players who can and have played LT admirably, albeit briefly, on the roster?


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hahaha, I compared Melifonwu with DK last month and got hosed for it. DK is literally Melifonwu with all physical traits and no production.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Urgh. I loved Hardman. And I think the Pats were planning to take him by 73 too. That sucks.

Parris Campbell still there too


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
For some reason, tons of teams passed on DK. There’s something off about him. Chance to be a bust.
He had a worse 3 cone time than Tom Brady. That's not hyperbole. Tom Brady literally did better at one of the most important WR drills in the combine than DK Metcalf. It's actually kind of embarassing that so many people here just lost their minds at the possibility the Chiefs would get him. If you told me the Chiefs lose Hill and get Metcalf I take that deal 100 out of 100 times and never even think about it again.

Metcalf's a guy you get mid draft or on a pick you're okay with throwing away knowing that he has raw talent but needs serious work to have a chance to be successful.

People got hyped by the wrong stuff. Everyone in the know knew Metcalf would be hanging around here.
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