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NFL Draft: Day 2

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:
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Remember those post combine mocks that had DK Metcalf in the top 10?


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So they got current players announcing picks now? Is that in the CBA?


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OT is making me nervous. Bobby Evans is my highest remaining prospect, otherwise it's time to look for a veteran in trade.


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Does this mean Duke Dawson is moving toward Bustville USA? Or is 'DoubleJ and the Duke' projected to be 1 & 2 some day?
That's back to back 2nd round CBs. That's a heavy investment at CB (especially as there is a MASSIVE hole at TE unlike anything remotely close at any other position while CB is arguably least wholly). Hopefully it's more than the cool tag line "In this corner DoubleJ, and in this corner The Duke!"
(for the record I'm very good with any good player being added. But back to back 2nd rounders? DoubleJ better be a player or The Duke is ready to light it up).


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metcalf to Chiefs would be deadly

Do people here understand that Metcalf is atrocious at some of the most important and most predicative drills at the combine. This was a draft where the first two WR's went late in the first with the 2nd being literally the last pick of the 1st. It's not like he's falling because there is just so much talent here. He's scary as **** to waste a high pick on.
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