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NEW ARTICLE: Red Zone Offense, Penalties Doom Patriots in 17-16 Loss to Miami

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Dec 12th
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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Yep, and one more point: I thought that Bill's/Skippy's play-call on 3rd/21 and subsequent decision to punt rather than attempt a FG was a chicken-sh!t sequence.

The way the oc calls plays is honestly like watching some not-smart kid. You can kind of see exactly what he's thinking and telegraphing. At one point Henry had no catches and Smith had maybe 1. It was funny, he then clearly went to his TE playsheet and they ran off like 5 straight plays for tight ends. The oc basically focuses on a thing. At one point he went to his spread shotgun sheet and then that's all they did for 10 straight plays. Not great when you feel like the defensive coordinator is smarter than our oc. If the red zone issues persist this is going to be a glaring OC problem. The Pats also had red zone issues in Brady's last season.

captain stone

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In Skippy's defense, he obviously knew he had Garbage at RT after Trent Brown & His Calf of Renown pulled up lame during that catastrophic 14-yard loss on the opening drive (Jonnu Smith was the guilty party for whiffing on the original block), so he had to adjust his blocking/protection ass-ignments accordingly), but throwing a ****ing check-down to White for 4 ****ing yards on 3rd/21 was Less. Than. Useless.