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NEW ARTICLE: Patriots-Falcons Week 11 Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor’s Edge?

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The Fail-cons OL isn't bad, but all with which Ryan has to work are CP & the TEs... Pitts especially must be accounted-for at all levels of the playing field... The RBs besides CP are replacement-caliber...

On defense, Grady Jarrett & Deion Jones are still there from the SB team... Otherwise their front-7 (from a 3-4 look now) is unremarkable and can be exploited via the run... I would try stressing the edges first and see if any of them pop...

The strength of their secondary are the Safeties, with old friend Duron Harmon leading the way, plus they have a couple of nice prospects too... I wouldn't throw into deep double-coverage if I were Mac; I would first challenge their less-experienced CBs, might get some easy yards vs soft coverage...
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