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NEW ARTICLE: Patriots-Dolphins Week 18 Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor’s Edge?

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captain stone

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If Pats can’t run well on Sunday, they lose… Simple as that.

They won’t score through the air unless there’s heavy doses of trickeration; the talent just isn’t there vs this pass defense.

O/U for Isaiah Wynn/Lose: 2 sacks allowed, 15 yards of penalties…

Too bad that an OL of Brown - Wynn - Andrews - Mason - Onwenu won’t be working out the final kinks before the POs…

O/U for Miami running yards: 150… Bill should’ve signed Duke Johnson as soon as SweetFeet was IRed.

O/U for Miami TOP: 35 minutes, courtesy of our sieve run defense.

Turnovers: 2 - 1 in Miami’s favor.

O/U for total scrimmage yards from Tua: 300.