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NEW ARTICLE: NFL RUMORS: A 'Third of the League' Has Reached Out to Seahawks About QB Wilson

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NFL RUMORS: A 'Third of the League' Has Reached Out to Seahawks About QB Wilson
Ian Logue
All the recent chatter this offseason about the uncertainty in Seattle with quarterback Russell Wilson appears to be gaining some steam.

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Just a third? I don't see Seattle every trading Wilson, but I'm surprised more teams haven't picked up the phone. In my mind there are only 5-6 teams that shouldn't be absolutely pounding the table with both hands to make this trade. Maybe not even that many. The only team who should for sure be out are KC, LAC, GB, TB, BUF and maybe CIN or CLV. And a fair amount of those are contract issues and to due with the fact that Wilson will be 33 next year.

In reality the only teams I would for sure take off the table are KC/TB/LAC/BUF. I think GB should look to make this move if they can. CIN has an impressive young QB whose cheap but not proven. Mayfeild is interesting but he hasn't shown he's elite.

As for the teams out of the convo, KC is obvious. TB if they lost the super bowl would be in the hunt, but right now you don't want to rock that boat. LAC still has an unproven QB but he's super cheap and just might turn into a top 5 QB. Legit chance. Allen has to have another good year, but his age clinches this for me in my mind. And he'll be cheap for this coming year and likely not overly expensive next year which is huge for the Bill's chances.
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