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NEW ARTICLE: NEWS: Former Patriots RB Sam “Bam” Cunningham Passes Away

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Patsfanin Philly

Pro Bowl Player
What many younger members may not know was that Sam Bam was integral in integrating football in the South. In the famous 1970 USC ( a fully integrated team) destroyed Bear Bryant's all white Alabama team...... As a result of that game, Alabama and then other schools started recruiting AA athletes...
Below is a link detailing the whole story and the impact of that game.....

Sam “Bam” Cunningham - #USCBHM: Black History Month at USC Athletics

Not Even Past: Social Vulnerability and the Legacy of Redlining

captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Heaven has added another Weapon, courtesy of the Patriots... But speaking as a 60+ fan, 71 is just too early to leave us here on Earth... I hope his transition was as smooth & painless as possible.