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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Mock Draft Tuesday – Patriots Mock Draft #1

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MORSE: Mock Draft Tuesday – Patriots Mock Draft #1
Mark Morse
With the Patriots out of the playoffs, I will be focusing on the draft, the Patriot's needs, and giving you a little background of players that I believe are Patriots-type players.

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
I'm cool with the first four picks, and I really like the trade-back... But:

"5-169 Sincere McCormack RB University of Texas, San Antonio – I am always taking a running back in the draft..."

Why would you do that, when there are Twice as many WRs on the field at the same time, and good RBs can be found as UDFAs too? You should've been looking for the best available Wide-Body or Pass-Rusher here...

Not a fan of the next pick either... Besides, Bill hasn't had much luck drafting defenders from Michigan lately...

I'll also be keeping an eye on Nick Sakelj during Senior Bowl week.