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NEW ARTICLE: Five Patriots/NFL Things to Know, News & Notes for 3/16

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Five Patriots/NFL Things to Know, News & Notes for 3/16
Ian Logue
Here is some Patriots News and NFL Notes on this Tuesday.

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Godchaux isn't bad, but we still need a Danny Shelton-type of DT here...And what we absolutely do Not need here is is Henry Anderson, who just plain Sucks now...Terrible, Terrible signing...Overpaying for Mediocrity, or in Anderson's case Suckiness...Should've re-signed Guy & old friend Malcolm Brown.

And where the **** exactly is Jalen Mills gonna play here, Billy? Of all the DozenS of DBs available, you just Had to sign this guy on Day Feckin One? Are you feckin sh!tting me? Overpaying for Mediocrity Part 2...

Agholor & Kenny Bourne instead of Curtis Samuel & Corey Davis? Overpaying for Mediocrity Part 3...

Dee Wise = Waste. Of. Money...Should've re-signed Adam Butler.

I'd rather have Fitzy than Cant the Scamster Newton.

Thanks for allowing the J-E-T-E to sign Corey Davis, Bill.

Thanks for everything Joe, but now you & the rest of the KC Queefs can GFYs.