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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Joey Judge: the NFL's Worst WRs coach of 2019, soon to be the NFL's Worst Offensive Coach/Ass-istant/Co-ordinator/Whatever of 2022... Dude's a real azzhole too, just like his buddy Phatt Matt & their Dear Leader Little Billy.

Deebo ain't walking through the door here... Billy had his chance, and he ****ing blew it.
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Ochmed Jones

Pro Bowl Player
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I remember when people used to say, “patriot players were the best prepared on game day of all the nfl teams!”

Now our players will be pissed off and hungry on game day! Not because they are going destroy the opponent, but because fat Matt ate their pre game meal and during the week, judge upset them!

Note to Mac jones: increase the limits on your accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy!!