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NEW ARTICLE: 5 Thoughts On the Patriots Win Over the Texans

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Dec 18th

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Bill has to sign a vet RB...right? And is anyone else starting to feel, let's just say, frustrated at the injury portfolio that the Omen is acquiring, and at the point-stealing turnovers he's creating? Kid Dyno-Mite cannot afford Any more TOs, period... He simply doesn't have the added rope of being recent, fairly high draft picks that Harris & the Rham do.

Too bad there isn't a veteran skill player on offense from the championship teams to get in these guys' grills about all these TOs...

Looks like Mac made the wrong decision on the INT, not Agholor... The coverage seemed to dictate that the route & direction of the pass must go toward the sideline, where Agholor went, and not toward mid-field, where the pass went...

Yeah the OL wasn't the catastrophe I feared it might be, and Mac did escape this game in better shape than since Week 1; but it wasn't like they were blowing holes through them or anything, either, and they were, after all, facing one of the very worst organizations in the entire league.

Wonder what the # of pass-rushing opportunities during those 5 games each of Tippett, Jones & Judon had available to them... Wouldn't be surprised if Tippett had fewer - perhaps notably fewer - than either of the others...

Patriots never should've lost to Miami, for multiple reasons; and I do hope that their current regime fails just as much as the previous ones... But at least their backup QB situation is >>> ours.

Ochmed Jones

Pro Bowl Player
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
At the end of the day, while the weapons around Jones are vastly superior to what newton had last season, this year’s weapons are still subpar to almost every other nfl team!