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NEW ARTICLE: 5 Thoughts on the Patriots Loss to the Bills

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
The league & its officiating has gone from mere incompetence and into Criminal Conspiracy… Does anyone here believe that, if the out-of-bounds horse-collar had happened to Patty Mahomeys, Jerry Hughes would also Not have been given the 15? Didn’t think so.

Yeah Mac’s over-rated OL gave him very, Very little consistent protection, and Kneal Harry & Jonnu Smith are ****ing Garbage, in every way imaginable, but it’s also Undeniable that he’s hit the rookie wall, especially when compared with the breathtakingly easy season he had last year (perhaps a warning?).

LOL at the deluded lemmings who fantasized that losing Gilmore & Jonathan Jones would not cause the secondary’s structural integrity to be compromised… And another LOL at those same koolaid-guzzlers who actually thought that Miles (of open space) Bryant is a legit possible replacement for DMac at FS…