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My week 7 report card

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Wasn't sure about making one of these since it's hard to judge a game like this against a lousy opponent. Here's what I came up with:
QB: B+. Couldn't go A here, he was off a bit early and I think the OL helped him a lot but his best game to date for sure. Nice to see them loosen the reins finally. The kid can handle it. So he might throw an int or two - that's part of the learning for a rookie QB figuring out the speed of the game at the NFL level.
OL: A-. Wasn't a perfect game but I'd love to think they found something here with this OL combination. Please get healthy. If the Jets are good in any area it was pass rush and they held them off.
RB: A. Guess it was premature calling this group one of the worst running games in the league but they were not good until yesterday. Nice to see the OL help them out. Harris was awesome. Jets had no answer. So was Bolden lol. The Jets run d doesn't suck but the Chargers run d does, maybe this Sunday could be a 200+ yarder for us if they run like they did yesterday.
TE: B+ Wish Smith didn't get hurt. Henry was great. Great catch in the EZ for the TD when Mac overthrew him
WR: A-. When even Harry makes a big catch I had to move this grade to the A zone. LOL

DL: A-. Run d looked good. Carter seemed to be getting yards on his first carry of the down but that was a mirage. Got some key stuffs.
LB: B. Bentley was good, Judon was Judon.
Secondary: C+/B-. Mills wasn't great and I don't like how Mike White threw on us at times but I guess all things considered including the injuries they did ok.

Special Teams: B
Coaching: A
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Defense is hard to judge since it’s the jets and we were playing against a qb who I’d imagine the jets never hoped would actually hafta play a meaningful down. Offense imma go with all a’s , incredible performance

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Not much to not like here... I thought the multiple formations, especially in the offensive backfield, was an about-time welcome addition... The OL of Wynn - Karras - Andrews - Mason - Onwenu should be the permanent combination for the rest of the season; Trent Brown ain't returning, and the rest of the OLmen suck... DL & LBs were much better vs the Jete running attack than they were during week 2... Still don't like our DB situation, though I have a feeling that Justin Herbert's gonna love it...