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My Random Draft Thoughts Thread


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No matter who the Patriots draft as a wide receiver, he will be cut after two years. To boot, the Patriots don't have a reliable coach to mentor him.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
I'm fine with all of this!

I agree this means signing and/or trading for a DL or 2.

I would note that this is also true for OT, although Lindstrom can be an emergency #4 I suppose.

I would think that this trade could even happen before the end of the weekend.

Ok, time for my final mock. I really don’t feel very confident about much this year. It’s difficult because we do have so many needs. This is going to be a heavily offense based mock, especially in the early rounds, because I think the defensive needs are mainly on the Dl but can be addressed via free agents (Allen Bailey, Danny Shelton, maybe Ziggy Ansah).

No Trades

For this mock I’ll be using a combination of Daniel Jeremiah’s, top 100, Gil Brandt’s top 150 and the CBS big board.

32. Chris Lindstrom, OL, Boston College

Lindstrom feels like a Pats pick. He has the right character, athleticism and position versatility (experience at RT) and, of course, was worked out by Dante who, apparently, talked to him for a while according to one report. That allied with the apparent interest in RT types at the top of the draft only makes this pick more likely in my eyes. I really like Big Dex and he’s have been my other option but all three boards I’m using have Lawrence going higher than 32. Frank;y, with the buzz he’s been getting, I’m not convinced Lindstrom will still be available.

56. Will Grier, QB, W Virginia

The Patriots take a QB every 2-3 years so we’re due (if you don’t count Etling). It is time for the succession plan and short of selling out for THE guy, taking shots like this seems like a good strategy. There’s certainly been plenty linking Grier to the Pats and we’ve shown some level of interest. I thought long and hard about Joejuan Williams, Juan Thornhill or Zach Allen here but as I said, we’re due another QB pick.

64. Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia

I think ultimately there’ll be a trade for a WR either during or after the draft (Sanu is my choice as of now) and I don’t think the Pats will look to draft a WR with the intention of getting significant production year one. But Hardman’s return ability on punts and kickoffs is something we’re lacking. Throw in the interest shown, the Georgia connection and the fact that he has 4.3 speed makes me like the chances of this pick happening. I don’t expect much more than a Cordarelle Patterson role in year one.

73. Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State

I would like them to draft two WRs and I struggled over this one. My other option was excellent route runner Diontae Johnson, but his athleticism is poor. McLaurin has aced the pre-draft process and has an A+ character as well as being a special teams demon - and that’s the decider for me as rosterability is an important factor for no 3/4 WRs.

97. Josh Oliver, TE, San Jose St

i’m Comfortable with any of Sternberger, Knox, Oliver, and to a lesser degree, Warring. What won it for Oliver were his hands. They’re big at nearly 11” and with his very good ability to adjust to the ball in the air, makes him someone who can pluck errant throws. TE is quite tough for me to predict.

101. Anthony Nelson, DL, Iowa

Time to add some defensive talent. The Patriots have been taking a good look at DEs that also provide the ability to kick inside and whilst I like Zach Allen more, Nelson is good compensation at this point in the draft. There are two things that stand out for me with Allen. Firstly, his athletic profile is very good, right up there with Chandler Jones and Joey Bosa. Secondly, he’s been productive with at least 50 pressures in each of his three seasons and he has excellent length at 6’7” and 35” arms. I’d actually like him to add 15-20lbs and become, potentially, a very good pass rushing 5-tech because he does lack some bend to be a typical 4-3 EDGE.

134. Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

A redshirt year that nets you a serious talent for 2020. I’m very willing to take the hit on that in 2019 to get someone of Love’s calibre.

205. Derrick Baity, CB, Kentucky

The Pats have been looking at 6’2” corners, one of which is Derrick Baity. I missed out on Joejuan Williams in the 2nd round by drafting Will Grier, so why not bring another into camp, one we have met with.

239. Terez Hall, LB, Missouri

A very aggressive and physical, though undersized, linebacker we’ve worked out twice, including once by Mayo. Special teamer.

243. Nick Easley, WR, Iowa

Excellent slot receiver that reminded me of Edelman in terms of the quickness of his routes and his willingness to be physical.

246. Jesse Aniebonam, EDGE, Maryland

A visit.

252. Nick Allegretti, OL, Illinois

Just feels like the perfect Pats pick. 2x team captain, former wrestler, smart (42 on wonderlic), former Ted Karras teammate and someone we’ve had contact with. Ideal late round/UDFA pick.

Players that just missed out:

Joejuan Williams at 56
Dionatae Johnson (opted for McLaurin instead)
Stanley Morgan Jnr (McLaurin again).
Dexter Lawrence (very close between him and Lindstrom). Just wasn’t convinced Lawrence would be there at 32.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
I would be fine with AJ Brown or Harry at 32. Obviously, it depends on who is else in there at 32.

For example, if Windstorm falls to 32, I would expect us to run to the podium. He is our replacement for Thuney and will likely start for 4 years.

We could then trade up if necessary to get our WR.

...or even be here for this season; and for that reason I will still very strongly consider AJ Brown and/or N'Keal Harry at 32.

manxman2601 Retired Jersey Club
I'm fine with all of this!

I agree this means signing and/or trading for a DL or 2.

I would note that this is also true for OT, although Lindstrom can be an emergency #4 I suppose.

I would think that this trade could even happen before the end of the weekend.

Lindstrom has the length, athleticism and experience to be an OT if that’s what they need and more than an OT4.

manxman2601 Retired Jersey Club
Terry McLaurin is going to be the draft pick that would excite me the most I think aside from someone like Ferrell dropping. Simmons and Lawrence on day one qualify too. There are other guys I like: Thornhill, Lindstrom, Joejuan, Savage, Stanley Morgan, Zach Allen and Anthony Nelson and others I rationalise as good picks, but those first three will be “woohoo” type picks.


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The Pats 2019 defense seems fairly well-staffed to me at the moment. The DL edge could use some help, but interior DL may be okay, and the LBs and secondary seem fine. With a couple-three depth and developmental prospects, the D should be the strength of the 2019 team - and it will need to be.

The passing attack seems terrifyingly weak to me - like the worst periods of 2006 or 2013, or the first four-five games of 2018. Even the run-blocking is thinner now. AND, there's no way this draft is going to make the 2019 passing attack even as good as the 2018 version ended up (which was mediocre aside from Edelman, Gronk, and White - and Gordon for a bit). Just not gonna happen. Run-blocking can be brought back up to standards, though - I think. Since it will certainly take awhile for ANY pass-catcher (TE or WR) to get up to speed, if they can block well out of the gate, that's a major plus for me.

And re-signing Hill (if healthy) could fill out the RB corps.

I don't care about replacing CP's kick return ability. Almost anybody can consistently get 20 yards on a KR and be smart enough to take a knee in the EZ when the return isn't there. PUNT returns are a whole different skill set (so sez BB), and the League has been talking about eliminating kickoffs for two consecutive years now. So, PR experience/ability is a plus for me. KR is not.

This would be a great draft in which to have, like, six 2nd-round picks.


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Lindstrom has the length, athleticism and experience to be an OT if that’s what they need and more than an OT4.

That's the first reason I love CL. He can at least play RG and RT most likely LG and in a pinch LT. Last year when anybody went down the OL wasn't the same.

The second reason is he has a bit of Mankins nastiness.


On the Game Day Roster
I won't be surprised to see BB dip into the Razorbacks D again this year for DT Armon Watts. He has good length and strength with an SEC pedigree and has the ability to generate inside pressure. He's a needle pointing up player IMO.

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