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MNF 12/12 Pre-game thread: Pats @ Arizona

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He probably should just keep his mouth shut. Not sure making fun of your upcoming opponent is a good idea.
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"It's a very conservative pass game," the Cardinals defensive coordinator said during his press availability period. "Lots of screens. All kinds of screens. It's like a defensive guy is calling offense."

At that, a nod to Matt Patricia's NFL expertise as a long-time defensive coordinator with little offense-specific background, the media in attendance chortled.

Joseph continued: "It's how a defensive guy would call offensive plays, right? Let's not turn the ball over. Let's get four yards a play. Try to burn clock. That's what they're doing. That's what he's going to do on Monday night. He's going to be patient. Maybe take a shot from time to time. But for the most part, it's running game, it's quick game and it's screens."

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I think if the defense throws up a shut out, we might have a chance to win.
Yeah I think we're undefeated when we hold the opponent to 0 points. And winless when they score 10+ or something
Lol, it's not that bad.

Pats are 6-0 when opponents score <20 pts.
Pats are 0-6 when opponents score 20+ pts.

Cardinals have averaged 25 ppg since Hopkins came back in Wk 7.


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This sh*tbag Cardinals team has allowed more points than all but 2 other NFC teams. Regardless of their own issues to sort out, it would be extremely embarrassing if the Pats get pantsed by these jokers.
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