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Mindhunter Season 2

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Sep 12th

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Great show, awesome story arc...the lesbian relationship is completely shoehorned to push an agenda - it adds absolutely nothing to the fbi lady's character. Can't wait for season 3, hope Netflix gets it out fast. Tench is one of the best characters on tv right now...


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Season 2 Spoiler/Easter Egg, but I guess if you are in a thread called "Mindhunter Season 2" you can probably expect that. Anyway, this is pretty awesome, and I totally missed it despite watching the season twice (my wife watched second time with me.)

If you go to Episode 6 you'll see WW at 31:13 into the episode for two seconds, but in hindsight that quick shot is really intentional, showing a an out-of-place looking photographer (no apparent media credentials) who gets a brief spotlight with a strange expression on his face, walking away from the other media members. Of course, he is a black male in his late 20s.

How Netflix's 'Mindhunter' hid one of the murderers in plain sight long before revealing him as a suspect

Also, this is funny:

And finally if you are really obsessing over the show, this reddit has some awesome stuff:



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Its a great series. A+++. Holden is so far and away the smartest one and the rest are just baggage that at time is useful.

Too bad they had to make up characters instead of using the real life ones. Everything else seems pretty spot on. Makes it more dramatic and entertaining I am sure so probably why they did it.


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Ozark and Stranger Things Season 3 are pretty good too.

Stranger Things is enjoyable in an innocent, fun thrill kind of way. Just started Ozark and liking it, but I can tell it won’t have the power for a long, progressively better run. Too plot driven. But both good mentions for entertainment, just not on the same level as Mindhunter or BCS, IMO of course.

I’d like to add Narcos as a very good show, as well as Bosch (but the commitment to Bosch is pretty long before it starts to peak, as S5 was by far its best one.)


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Finished season 2. It's a very good show with an excellent premise but I wouldn't go so far as to call it great. The two leads are phenomenal, they're well written and extremely well acted, the secondary characters not so much (with the exception of a few of the serial killers) and the tertiary ones might as well be cardboard cutouts with convo balloons.