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Miguel's Jonnu Smith question

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PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
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So a couple 'graphs in, one Miguel Benzan (@patscap) asks,

" Is this the game against his former team (Tennessee Titans) in which Jonnu Smith breaks out?"

SI runs down the same thing the rest of us do lol... he's being used as a blocker, he has a shoulder injury, but damn you don't pay the boy 12.5m apy to use him as a blocker... etc., concluding with...

In Week Twelve, the Patriots will be facing an aggressive Tennessee defensive front. As a result, the 6-foot-3 248-pound former Titan might be poised for a breakout performance as a ball carrier, or as the red zone target for quarterback Mac Jones.

"Might be"...."or".... we're at a magic 8 ball level of WTF with Jonnu :D

My gut says this is something we'll look back at and say "ohhhhhh," but right now it's a mystery.


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Im not expecting much this year anymore. I think we arent going to keep trying new things to see whats good in December, now its time to enhance what is good, and Jonnu isnt in this category, except in a few plays

Cant wait to be wrong tho


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always seems like they try to force things to guys who are "returning" to their former teams... they tried to force a few throws to HH in the san diego of los angeles chargers game iirc...

would rather have them establish a good offensive rhythm before starting to worry about crap like that


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Tennessee is 4th league wide in rush yards per game, 24th in pass yards. Their best player defensively has been DL Jeffrey Simmons.

Which leads me to believe the offensive game plan will be to neutralize Simmons. I would assume this is best done with Jacob Johnson rather than Jonnu Smith.

Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
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Smith and Agholor are the two most athletic mismatches on offense and Josh hasn’t figured out how to get big plays from either. This remains something of a mystery to me and time is running out.

I agree but they need to perform too.


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Jonnu=Cordalle Patterson. Great with the ball in his hands but not really sure what to do with him on the field. It took years before Patterson became a consistent rb. Smith is probably a rb as well but doesn't look the part so it will take forever before he is transitioned there long term probably by a different team.


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Team has pretty much learned who it is by Thanksgiving.
No question, but if Jonnu Smith had no role on this team he wouldn't be on the field.

Even just one play - like the ATL leak into the flat catch and run for 17 yards - and now the defense HAS to account for him making the entire offensive team more unpredictable and harder to stop.

It's only fans who bemoan the $ to yards and catches by individual player thing during a season. The Patriots tend to get what they can from a player in their role on that particular team (as you noted which forms each and every year and starts to define itself around week 8 or so) because the money is already spent - it's a sunk cost, and then they re-evaluate that player's likelihood to continue in the offseason.