Midway movie (let's try this again edition)

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Not sure what happened to the original thread, but whatever.

I saw the new Midway movie last night. Better than I expected. More Tora Tora Tora than Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor in that it tries to retell the events rather than create a personal drama, so there's no real plot per se. The bravery of our pilots takes center stage and deservedly so. Definitely worth seeing and a must view to a history/war buff moviegoer.



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Went Saturday, had a choice between Joker and Midway, chose Midway because my bro in law said what a great movie it was.. it was ok, but have seen this same movie many times before.. should have seen Joker instead...

The original one starred:
Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, James Coburn, Glenn Ford, Hal Holbrook, Robert Mitchum et al...



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The war scenes were mesmerizing, especially the attack on Pearl Harbor
Could have done without the husband-wife story lines that always infect war movies , as well as the obligatory Officers Club dance scene.
I give this movie my thumbs up because it entertained and educated me on strategy I never knew.

Just saw Ford vs Ferrari in the theatre after watching the documentary The 24 Hour War on Prime Video last week.
Christian Bale is sensational
The story line is factual
Incredibly entertaining