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Miami tailgate September 15th 2019

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:
Hello all,

I’m trying to find a tailgate in Miami on September 15th for my wife and I with amazing Pats Fans. Could you help me with this ? We are fron Canada ! Thanks in advance!
I second this.

I'll be flying in from London for the game, very interested in tailgating the morning away with some fellow Patriots, where??

I've held off buying tickets for now too. Is there a specific area that Pats fan congregate in Hard Rock for this game?

I've emailed several official Pats fan bars in Miami too, if I here back, I'll share liberally.
I found a tailgate. It will be organise by Lori from Palm Beach Patriot Group :

Palm Beach Patriots Group

Message from Lori :
Looking for Pats fans to join us for a tailgating party on 9/15 for 1pm game at Hard Rock. We will setup tents, chairs, tables, music, coolers, ice, utensils, etc. Food & beverages to be determined by the group (additional cost may apply). $40 per person, we will need a minimum of 10 people to make it worth the effort to pull off this great time! (gas, parking, equipment, setup) Message if interested.

We will probably go with them. It will be fun to see you there...
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