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Patriots Player Departure McCourty Retires

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We were incredibly lucky to draft and retain someone like DMac for his entire career

He was an elite FS, top 3 in the league for the majority of his career

He was voted team captain TWELVE times in his 13 years

He played in 205 regular season and 24 postseason games... and he only missed 5 games in his entire NFL career!

He had 971 tackles, 35 interceptions, 11 forced fumbles, seven fumble recoveries, and three sacks

He was as productive and reliable a player as you could ever hope for and we're very fortunate to have had him here to help us win 3 Superbowls

He'll be in the Pats HOF and perhaps one day could even find himself in the NFL HoF

Show this man the respect that he deserves

Congratulations DMac, thanks for 13 amazing years!


He'll even help you with safety advice


Pro Bowl Player
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Yellow jacket for this man. Who were the better safeties in the 2010s. Earl Thomas then who? DMac belongs in the hall as the one of the 5 or so(Possibly #2) best safeties for a decade combined with 3 rings.


Huh? Supporter
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Gonna miss him, for sure. Earned his rings and his spot in the Pat's HoF.


Hall of Fame Poster
Yellow jacket for this man. Who were the better safeties in the 2010s. Earl Thomas then who? DMac belongs in the hall as the one of the 5 or so(Possibly #2) best safeties for a decade combined with 3 rings.

I wish I could agree, but i don’t. McCourty was a really good player for a long time, but to me HOF means domination at your position, and while he was a really reliable really good player, he wasn’t a dominant player. I would like to see him join the coaching staff at some point.


Akatsuki Supporter
First class gentleman, on and off the field. The consummate professional.

I'm very happy Slater chose not to retire, that would have been a HUGE absence in veteran leadership.
The defense in general have a couple of Dawgs that can take over the leadership position.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Congratulations McCourty .. your presence and leadership on the field will be missed and difficult to replicate .

We need to identify and form the next core of the team . I would say Judon, Barmore, Dugger ,Onwenu and Uche should be the next cornerstone pieces of this franchise .hopefully we get 4-6 years out of this core.

If Mac clears his head and shows his intangibles i.e decision making we could get back into contention as early as next year . Else it's another ferris wheel in the draft in 2024.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
McCourty is a similar player of the "insanely consistent and incredibly good" ilk that you don't hear about his play all that often. But he was always not just regarded, but revered by his teammates and coaches as an incredible talent and affable person. I can only hope for the next player to have a similar career. I will prefer that archetype over and over again, period.


In the Starting Line-Up
McCourty isn't just the defensive cornerstone of the second era of the dynasty, he is the starting free safety on the all time Patriots team. He played in and won at least 3 different games that could make a claim for greatest NFL game of all time. Hall of fame or not, you can't tell the story of the history of the NFL without him.

I also appreciate that McCourty did the team and the fanbase the courtesy of retiring before the start of free agency, rather than waiting weeks into the new league year to make up his mind. It's a show of respect.

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