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Mayo: With the #3 pick we're taking BPA for the biggest need on the team

WR Tee Higgins in FA IF he's not Tagged would be step in the right direction.
"Sebastian Janokowski Agrees*
Yup first round pick lol. Dude was a punk IRL but he was a beast of a kicker

He'd probably make an 80 yarder on a fair catch free kick lol
Would love TE Dalton Schultz in FA we saw how he helped QB C.J. Stroud gotta get the critical pieces in place.
Coach speak, didn't say anything. Sign Cousins and Higgins and they need Alt. Sign a LT and Mayfield, it's Harrison. Harrison gone, trade back and take the next WR. Then it's "we did what was best for the football team", but he's more charming and doesn't grunt, so everyone thinks its great.

Going to be fun to follow this off-season, that's for sure.
I honestly don't think they will draft a qb. I think it's MHJ and Mike Evans in FA along with henry/ Schultz and onwenu.

Not sure how a rookie qb can be successful with what we have . We need to build the team . The more I think I feel they will go in with Mac and maybe a veteran and use this season to get to a 6 or 7 win team.

Justin fields is going to be interesting.

If bears choose caleb then we can possibly get fields for a 3rd rounder .
Trade 3rd to 6th to giants and get their 2024 second rounder and 2025 1st rounder. Use pick 6 on an OT and draft two of the best wide receivers in round 2 .
Sign Mike Evans in free agency unless tee higgins is available. Resign Henry and onwenu . Resign bourne if he comes back on 2 year 12 million. Release jonnu , thornton and parker. Roll with 2 rookie wide receivers, douglas, Mike Evans , bourne and Boutte . Henry and Brown will be your tight ends.
I'm starting to think the Bucs will find a way to keep Evans and the Bengals will tag Higgins. I think the prospects of rebuilding our WRs is going to get a lot harder.

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