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Massachusetts millionaire 9% tax another factor working against Pats in Free agency


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You're missing out then... San Diego is a really cool destination... San Fran is cool, minus the junkies, and the PCH is well worth the drive... I did find Carmel a bit overrated though...
Love San Diego. Don't know why, but San Fran just doesn't do it for me.
Monterey, Big Sur, Joshua Tree (high deserts!) are my day/weekend trips.
But South Bay - Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan - is heaven. Over 60 softball league is out there four days a week, if you want it.


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Just went through and removed a handful of posts, but let’s try and keep politics out of the thread. Granted, I get that given the topic - it’s hard not to want to go there - but let’s keep this about the league and its effect on players and not discuss it from a world view. We all come here to get away from all that (this is, after all, a football forum), so let’s check all that at the door and approach it from that standpoint moving forward.


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It seems they care about the figure, as it shows how much the team wants them and it is about respect.
and all too often those big numbers are never paid... Case in point the Von Miller deal in Buffalo... Does anyone think he will collect the last 30 million of that deal? Me neither... Inflated ego numbers for, as you say, "respect"
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I'm not in these guys' tax bracket, but my employer once posted me to Miami for a couple of years.
When I got my first pay-stub after moving there, I did a double-take and thought I'd gotten a 9% raise. So, yeah, it's real money. In the days before the state/local tax deduction was capped by the IRS, you did lose some of the benefit when filing your 1040, but it still was noticeable every month in higher disposable income.
Somehow, though, I think that agents negotiating with teams in high tax states (or Commonwealths :)) are accustomed to making this a part of negotiations for a prized player.


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God, what’s with these ridiculous threads? Talking about players taxes based on the state they play in…


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God, what’s with these ridiculous threads? Talking about players taxes based on the state they play in…

If you don’t think the players take state taxes into account, you are kidding yourself. The states without an income tax have a clear advantage. The cities/states with millionaire taxes are at an additional disadvantage.

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Right there. Boom. First words out of Paris Johnson, our ideal LT prospect who likely will be gone by pick 14, on his ideal landing spots are “taxes…state taxes.”

It’s a new environment. Players are much savvier. It’s more than just the weather now.

They have learned effective salary—after the gubmit’s raping and pillaging. If voters were reminded that a special surcharge on the super rich meant celebrities and athletes would avoid living in the state, they might have thought twice.
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