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Marshawn Lynch

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My apologies in advance if there is already a thread on this. I didn't see one.

Assuming the Bill's are willing to trade Lynch to the Pats:
1) would you trade for him ?
2) which round draft pick are you willing to give up for him ?

I understand, Pats have problems on the defensive side and those perhaps should be addressed first. However during the cold winter months, running the ball will become more important, so it is probably not too early to look ahead.


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I'm not sure the Bills would be willing to trade him in the division (especially with so many non division teams needing running backs), but for the sake of argument:

Complimentary style to many of our guys
Still under reasonable contract for a couple more years

Off field issues
Offensive line possibly isn't catered to his style

All said, I would give up a 4th for him but not much more. I'm hesitant to give up our only 3rd, especially given how quickly big bruising backs decline.
NFLN has reported that the Bills have refused all offers.

With the release of Trent Edwards is a good assumption that they think their offensive woes are the result of poor QB play.


They won't trade Lynch. Spiller is like Reggie Bush, RB is just a label. They need both Jackson / Lynch.
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Rumors are circulating that the Bills will likely be asking for something like a fourth-rounder, and Pats fans know how much Bill Belichick likes his draft picks. On the other hand, the Patriots just recently acquired a fourth-rounder for another former first-round pick in Laurence Maroney.

Should Patriots Go After Bills Running Back Marshawn Lynch? - Patriots Fan Forum -

But Schefter is saying more than a 3rd round pick ... in which case no way he comes here.

I don't think you trade a 1st or 2nd round pick unless it definitely puts you over the top for that year. How much better would Lynch be over what we have ... probably not much at all if anything.

Contractually BJGE is probably way more hungry for a payday than anything we could easily get.

Miguel has BJGE making $478K this year.

I wouldn't mind picking up a mudder if one fell easily to us ... for the bad weather to come but that's it.
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I wouldn't trade for him. Had off the field issues and has been inconsistant.

Go with the guys we have this year now and draft one in the first 2 rounds next year

And its not like he was great in his first 2 years. He was pretty good. Barely over 1000 yards both those years.
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We can just give them BJGE for their first and Lynch, once we put that guy on block we will be swimming with offers.


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If I were to bring in any RB from any team, it wouldn't be him.

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Jay Glazer is tweeting Lynch has been traded to the Seahags for a 2011 4th and a conditional 2012.
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