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Mahomes' media love for incomplete passes

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In the Starting Line-Up
Mahomes will never last. He is already looking like an old man in some games with the beating he takes. Plus let's see what happens when Tyreek and Kelce fade.

Mahomes's cap hit goes to $25m this season. He'll still be very competitive but not as much as last 2 years. Still favourite overall.

It'll go to $32m next season. He'll be less competitive but still a Championship threat. Still top 3-4 favourite.

It'll go to $40m+ thereafter. He'll be a perennial 1 and done playoff career. Top 10 favourite.

1960Pats Supporter Supporter
As a starter he’s been to the AFCCG won a super bowl and lost a super bowl. Do you expect the media to ignore how good he is? Did he play well in that super bowl? No. Was he really the only one on the Chiefs fighting until the final whistle? Pretty much. He’s a hell of a player and I came out of that super bowl with even more respect for him than I had going in.
Mahomes deserves the attention he gets. He seems like a nice enough kid and is off to a great start in his career.