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Liberals Love That Racist Crap

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Sometimes good old common sense has to come into play, though, doesn't it? We all know how we feel inside - if you're trying to fit in, or you're checking out if you do fit in, there's probably some internal alarm which either says this is a good time or it's not. If you're the least bit worried about it, it's probably not a good time.

    That's with friends or a peer group, though...and if you picked the wrong time or said the wrong word, it'll probably be just a minor gaffe and no real harm is going to come of it other than the person who said it may feel embarassed.

    I think, at least the way I see it, Harry's not talking about calling some close friend or black co-worker a ni--er, though, he's talking about the right to shout it out loud at the bus stop or a "friendly" way to address the new mailman when he meets him at the door or to chase away the Holloween trick-or-treaters who are out after curfew.

    If Harry (or anyone who's arguing for/with Harry) wastalking about how to address friends and relatives, he'd be content, like the rest of us are, to let others speak the way they speak to one another (but not to us) and to respect their right not to be spoken to in a way which they might find offensive.

    We all know where our own boundries are and we're pretty acutely aware of where other people have their boundries, too...and one of those boundries says that our friends and relatives and those people that we know
    are set in a different place than are the boundries for those we do not know.

    Personally, I don't know why Harry cares what Chris Rock calls his audience or his friends - as long as Chris Rock isn't calling Harry on the phone and calling him a name he'd find offensive what difference does it make?

    People who buy tickets to see a comedian know exactly what kind of language that comedian uses - if they're not comfortable with it, they don't buy the ticket. If they don't like the language on the television they can turn off the television. I don't watch Dancing With The Stars. I can't stand Dancing with the Stars. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be on television - other people like it, other people watch it. That's what's great about The United States - there's a bunch of different channels.

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