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Justin Herron Good Samaritan award

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Sep 12th

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WOW, great job by Herron, he literally saved a woman from getting raped.

Nasty world, public park middle of the day.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Way to go young man, way to go. Proud to have you in Patriot colors...
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In the Starting Line-Up
Good man! What an absolute vial scum the perpetrator is. Seeing the age makes it even sicker. Incredible restraint by Herron to not maul this putrid waste. Kind of wish it ended differently in that regard, but have to tread carefully these days given the amount of leeway that’s allotted for criminals.

n6249c Supporter Supporter
Good on him. Gotta love this quote: "I’m a football player, so I’m kind of a big guy."

Kind of? *googles* 6'5'' 304 :oops:
You have to remember his frame of reference includes guys like Trent Brown. So, yeah, he’s kind of big.