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June 28 in Pats History: Happy Birthday to Matt Chatham

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Oct 31st

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The most blatant example I’ve ever seen of one person having a fake discussion between two of his own accounts!

Hey Wozzy

You can’t be serious, dude.

NCPATS writing style changed dramatically from his other posts so they will contrast with yours. It’s so obvious. 11 posts in 3 years and then doubles his post count at the exact time you’re backed into a corner. Lmfaoooo

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That is so obviously a fake post trying to pretend to be someone else. It’s absurd. No one writes an inner monologue like that.
I thought you may be on to something so I checked the IP addresses out of curiosity, and no - definitely not the same.

As of right now I see no reason to keep this pissing match open; all parties have succeeded in voicing their opinions.

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