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Player Signing Jonathan Jones Stays


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
So happy about this. I had this pegged as a sure thing going into FA.
Now, we just need to figure out Meyers, and we're good to go.

jimnance Supporter Supporter
Great to see. Tough as nails,fast as hell, maybe the best slot cb in the nfl but he was actually one of the better outside corners in the nfl last year. Only a very few times was his lack of height an issue.
He held his own many time vs. taller receivers. But yes,the Pats could use another 6'+ cb. Jo could also take over dmacs role.
But the biggest hole on the team is OT, lt especially. You just can't depend on Trent Brown anymore at lt. So if they can't sign Orlando Brown,the #14 pick probably is an OT, if one of the top3 guys slides that far. Obviously need help at wr and te.
The dbs as a group, provided Jack J. is ok, is a very strong unit as is.
Not true for several other position groups.
But this is a great start.

Real fan 02

In the Starting Line-Up
Absolutely love it, needed JJ back.
Once I saw him on early edition last week I knew he was resigning.. the guy is the consummate pro, teammate, locker room guy and leader.. I hope we resign my guy peppers as well.. another leader and locker room guy..

Real fan 02

In the Starting Line-Up
You want the old guy with a name and who is past his due date.

I want the young up and comer who has Pro Bowl's in his future.

Tampa has two F/A CB's who are big, athletic and fast.

BB could coax great production from a value vet like that.. and doesn't have to trade or overpay for it.
That they do... can't stress enough we need to be looking at Murphy-bunting.. I think Jamel dean is going to get a big pay day somewhere..

Patriot Missile

Pro Bowl Player
Was happy with the raise and was hoping he wasn’t taking some hometown lowball discount. Thats a pretty good 2 year deal if you consider the signing bonus and guaranteed money.

Boston Boxer

U.S. Air Force Retired Supporter
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That's a lot of assets (money AND high draft capital) to spend upgrading the secondary when there are huge holes at OL, WR, and they only have one professional TE on the roster now. I don't disagree though, that's a GREAT group if they can swing it AND get the rest of the holes filled.
luckily, they have more than 1 draft pick in this years draft. That and FA will fill all those holes


He/Him Supporter
Pick #14
Jack Jones
Jonathan Jones
M. Jones

Mills DB

This secondary would be insane. Just saying.

Drafting these guys will round out the position nicely:

Stu Pidassle

Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Keep Jack Jones. He's going to be a baller here long term provided he doesn't do anything stupid.
It seems like the issue was taken care of, his agent immediately acknowledged the issue and said that it would not be a problem. He seems a bit immature, hopefully it was a learning situation. Glad to see that he hired an agent that had the players best interest in mind not there to enable bad behavior.


Hall of Fame Poster
Love this. Jones has been a really good player for them, and he keeps veteran leadership in that unit.


Hall of Fame Poster
I heard he could've gotten more money and a better role from other teams, but he was promised the head coaching role after BB retires.

He would have gotten more elsewhere, but it’s great news he wanted to stay here.

And while you were obviously joking I think Mayo was promised the coaching job, and Belichick will only go two more years. And I would love to see a number of their dynasty players stick around to become coaches and coordinators under him. Players who overachieve because of their work ethic and football knowledge, like Jones, Edelman, Hoyer, White etc….. could help them continue a winning culture and work ethic that pays big dividends for them,

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