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Jeff Howe: Pats in market for a WR and TE

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Dec 18th

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I want to forward to Tuesday afternoon, so that I don’t have the wait to see what shocking(ly good) trade BB and Caserio pulled off. Actually, if anything is going to happen we will likely know tomorrow. That still seems like a long time to wait.

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I feel the bengals are gonna deal a couple offensive pieces. Showcased both Eifert and Erickson yesterday.

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So I'm changing my mind. I want a center who can snap the ball to the right place (not too high or too low constantly) and who can block. Along with a TE. Is Ryan Jensen on the Bucs any good? 1st and a 4th for both him and Howard. Make it so.

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If this afternoon's "performance" by the offense doesn't convince Bill to spare no expense to improve it, then I don't know what will.

Blame BB, or Kraft, or whomever you will. The bottom line is that Brady wasn't given a real contract extension and the offense was poorly constructed. The bottom line is that helpful WRs who were acquired were let go for the wrong reasons. The bottom line is that the TE position was not properly staffed in the offseason. The bottom line is that the OL lost its swing tackle early, and that was not adequately addressed.

And there's really not a lot of "expense" to be spared at this point, largely because of the AB contract. Cutting AB has been bad on so many levels...


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Rumors continue to swirl around OJ Howard as a trade candidate. Two weeks ago I was told he wasn't available. I'm now told that the only way the Bucs consider trading him right now is for a substantial offer. Multiple teams have inquired.

Jenna Laine, ESPN Staff Writer11m ago

Hopefully we are one of those teams.

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