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Jalen Ramsey

Stu Pidassle

Third String But Playing on Special Teams
And yes, they had Busts:
Chad Jackson
Ron Brace
Jermaine Cunningham
Terrence Wheatley - CB
Ras-I Dowling - CB
Aaron Dobson
Jordan Richards - S
Cyrus Jones (Who had an undiagnosed heart condition that wasn't found until he signed with Denver) - CB
Duke Dawson - CB
Aaron Dobson is a sad situation, he had a very promising start before injuries forced him onto the bust list. He was a starter as a rookie with over 500 yards receiving before breaking his foot. The next two seasons hamstring and then ankle injuries put him on the IR before the Pats gave up on him.


In the Starting Line-Up
Just utter insanity to argue a guy that was First Team All-Pro as a rookie is the best player at his position in the league. How could anyone possibly hold that opinion???
New York is home to every media outlet in this country, they win every popularity contest bar none. Is it coincidence they won both offensive and defensive rookie of the year?

The only “metric” Sauce led the league in was passes defensed. Other CB’s had more INT’s including Woolen who was a rookie with a lesser defense around him and who teams actively avoided later in the season.

Other CB’s had more tackles, more solo tackles and comparable coverage stats. Sauce was a very good rookie, best CB in the league… ehh. New York players always have the media to tell us how great they are and swing the vote.

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