Is the Dynasty Era Over?

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Is the Dynasty Era over?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 45 51.1%
  • No, not yet.

    Votes: 43 48.9%

  • Total voters
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italian pat patriot

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Probably yes but let 's see
I am very curious to see the direction our team will go

And still i do not imagine my reaction at the first play by offense without TB...

What i hope is to simply have a competitive team that can be a contender...that would be enough for me after this long awesome beautiful long period that i will never forget


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I voted "yes" but I don't know.

I guess we'll see where the W/L record is at year's end and how the trophies are or are not stacking up.

I'm hoping they remain in the small clique of teams that make it to the playoffs consistently. The "dynasty" term probably has to be accompanied by championships to some degree.


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Does winning one more qualify as continuing the dynasty? I certainly don't see it this year but we still have BB so it is possible but I would view it as a 1 off. BB could coach for 10 more years and the best he'll do is win 1. Basically like most everyone else.


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i think it depends on what happens in the next 2-3 years and beyond

if stidham is the new guy and he produces and we win a SB this year or next year then its a continuation of a dynasty

if stidham takes 5 years to win a sb or his replacement is the one who wins it 5+ years from now, it will probably be a new dynasty

so i'd say it comes down to this: is there a dip in production? if no dip, same dynasty, if there's a dip then there's an obvious breaking point so multiple dynasties


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Why is Lamar Jackson mentioned with Mahomes?

In his 2 playoff games Jackson was down by scores of 23-3 and 28-6 in the 4th Q.

Is Lamar Jackson even better than Brian Hoyer in the playoffs?:headscratch:

I mean, Peyton choked numerous times in the playoffs and the 2000s were definitely the “Brady/Manning” era.

People love to hate on Jackson in here but like it or not, he will be one of the most prominent players of this decade, unless his career gets derailed by injuries.


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I think we should wait for a season or three before letting 'Madden' statistics determine the future of the Patriots. But for sure the TB era is done, done and buried!

Wax Frog

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S/O to @FrodoBagginz, since you give me an excuse to geek out for a few:

I think these phases are better defined as Ages than Dynasties. The post TB era is like the Fourth Age. We're still in Middle Earth, but it kinda sucks because the Eldar said "Namárië, suckers!" and they ain't coming back! :rofl:

Did the Elves have avocado ice cream? :headscratch:


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Lmao Ray Lewis killed a guy become a reaction! Hard to believe that poll option I threw it there once evolved to this lol
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