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Is Steve Belichick part of the problem on defense?

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Oct 2nd
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Is Steve Belichick a competent play caller/schemer as the defensive coordinator? Often we're seeing players not sure who to cover and my goodness they can not defend 3rd and longs to save their lives. They just CAN NOT make a play when the game is on the line...that 3rd and 25 in the 4th quarter was inexcusable. Those zero blitzes haven't hit home at all. It just seems his play calling leaves a lot to be desired....please chime in.


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Steve is a promising DC in my opinion.
Problem is Mills was TORCHED all game and I hate that Mills plays 10 yards off the line. Mills, Bentley, Godchaux are weak links on defense.


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It feels like Bill has checked out mentally and is just delegating everything to a weak staff, the Tampa loss was the only game where it felt like he brought his A gane to be honest, even though I didn't like 56y attempt at the end the rest of it at least felt something like a "real" Pats game.


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Could have used a #1 CB (or two)
Could have considered covering RBs who release out of back field
Maybe not leave an acre in the middle of the field uncovered


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Hightower has looked terrible as well. I'm still trying to understand how the Cowboys only had to punt ONCE in five quarters of football vs. the Pats......FOUR QUARTERS AND O.T.! ONE PUNT!!

Maybe the stops on 4th down and the forced fumble had something to do with that? Just throwing that out there, who knows...


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Our inside LBs are the real problem. They are so weak in several areas, the secondary is missing one or two impact players, the DL is ok.
Just to many issues with this team. We got it wrong, got to retool next season.

That's right. Bentley is trash, he gets huge inflated tackle numbers because he sucks at covering anybody and tackles them after giving up a catch, or tackles a RB after a bad angle on the ball. Bentley, Mills, Godchaux are weak links on the defense.



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maybe it’s Fat Matt that’s the problem…

Good point, I forgot about him. Whatever we are doing on defense seems to be working if you look at the scores, but we can't stop anybody when it really counts without penalties.
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