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Indoor Tailgating Sunday?

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Can anyone PM with some indoor tailgating facilities, preferably ones that charge one price for open bar and a lower price for just a seat, munchies and hot chocolate. I'm bringing my daughter and I'd love to get inside rather than standing around a Coleman stove freezing our butts off. It's one thing when it's me and the guys and there's alcohol involved. :)

So far, the only one that comes up with Google searches is $300 per ticket (it's the Smerlas/DeOssie tent). That's way too much for what we need.


bresna Supporter Supporter
1-877-PATSFAN (Ordway and Smerlas)


Yeah, that's the All Pro Productions guys Ordway and Smerlas. They broadcast WEEI from there. They charge $300 per person. It's a pretty good deal if you're going to drink, but way too much if you just want to sit around in a warm area before the game.

Are there any restaurants near the stadium with liberal seating policies? Maybe a place we can kill an hour or two? We will order food, but we won't be in any hurry to eat it. :)


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Do what I'm doing, take a limo. You can stay warm, drink, tailgate, and watch TV. It probably costs less if you're going with a couple of people and you don't have to worry about sitting in traffic. You can get in and relax.
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