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NEM said:
So, as the newly elelcted VP of the club, do you second that invitation? :)

Sure---we welcome everyone...even Raiders fans! LOL
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Tyler Faith said:
And here's one for you...go to the mirror, look at yourself very carefully and say, "I am a man with no life and need to stop picking silly fights on the boards just to be heard. I need to start contributing in a more productive and positive way!" Say it 20x. If you finish and can come back to the boards and behave, we will all forgive you.

Hey, whatever, I was just giving you a suggestion!


I have given very careful thought to your suggestion as you gave to mine. NOPE!

Sorry I wasted my time on you. I wasn't picking a fight. But, you have your opinion and I have mine.

BTW, my life is just fine and has been for many years.
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Tunescribe said:
No it hasn't! You suck at golf. Said so yourself.

Just putting. And, I played yesterday and used FBN's tip. I putted much better so now I'm the king of the world.


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Golf is awesome. Some of the most beautiful places imaginable have tees and pins. Whats not to like, your out in the sun, walking/driving by all kinds of habitat. You listen and you hear nature, birds, waves, gators, ok some swearing. You smell the just cut grass, the ocean, ok some stale beer. The stories, the deals, that impossible shot you pull off. Right now I'm debating when its time to go back to work, if I should go to work (real world) or work on my golf game. Golf is just like any other game, whether its baseball, soccer, or football, once your hooked you'll never let go. I heard Dylan got into golf. Can you see him out there with the red plaid pants and beret.


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I've never considered golf a sport, at least at the level 90% of the people play it.

But it is a great recreational activity. A bad day at the golf coarse is far better than a good day at work.

I guess if you have a dirty mind like NEM,you could misuse some of the golf terms. You start off with all your stuff in your bag. You pull out your driver. You drive your ball. Then when you get closer you use your irons. And, you putt out to finish.

BTW, the LPGA has really changed a lot. The now have some babes playing and they are not only good to look at they are very good players.