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If we don't win the SB the season was RIGGED

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Oct 2nd
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I knew what the poster meant, but it's the Super Bowl is always referenced by when the season started, not when it's played.

You are posting an assertion in a thread that proves your assertion wrong. Irony and absurdity in a single post. Quite an accomplishment.


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Google “2001 Super Bowl champions” and it says Ravens. You’d think Google would be smart enough to know the difference between “2001 Super Bowl champions” and “Super bowl champion won in 2001”


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The very unfair rigged Super Bowl in 2008 was just the last act of the un commissioner of the NFL's campaign to rig the game and every other game the Patriots lost ever. I was all ready for the Patriots to win that game, frankly we DID win that game. We won EVERY OTHER game that season, give me a break, there's just no way. Then a very suspicious and dramatic scoring of "points" in the fourth quarter gave the win to the Giants, even though usually the Patriots get the very late dramatic points. We are the most persecuted team in the NFL, stealing our draft picks, unroughereeing to the Giants' benefit, very unfair like nobody has ever seen. Ddon't believe anything else you read and I'll tell you, if we don't win the Super Bowl this year the season was rigged there's just no way.

Unless you want the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl or not even make it this year you need the courage to stand up NOW and stop any other outcome by believing very hard in the previous paragraph, or you're a PFINO.

I look forward to a Training Camp Like Nobody's Ever Seen Before, a preseason we're going to win every game or it's rigged, and Mac Jones winning MVP. Nobody's ever seen anything like him, never lost a super bowl. If he sucks check his jersey for bamboo fibers, he's a replicant.
if this is what i think it is, its brilliant