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If a movie was made about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who would star in it?

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Rex Ryan


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Early Brady (before getting some "work" done) always looked a bit like Matt Damon, IMO, even down the the charming demeanor.

Don't mean to imply Brady is anything less than charming now - just had that specific kind of swanky, boyish, charming demeanor to him up through 2003'ish, IMO.

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Decided I didn’t like the picture, I’m thinking Roger Goodell as some sort of clown, but I don’t have it quite right yet

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Gimme Brian Cox, Sam Elliott or Brendan Gleeson as BB. And the younger Gleesons can play the younger Belichicks. If Gandolfini were alive then, well, that would have been it.

For TB, I'll go with Chris Evans or Anthony Mackie since he's the new one. If Joey Ramone were alive then, well, that would have been it.