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Idle thoughts - The "on to Atlanta" edition.

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Dec 6th

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Todd Bradley

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Green Bay missed a field goal and fumbled in the red zone.

If they score 10 there, the game is tied.

Listen, Atlanta played a great game, but their defense is crap like we all know it is.

The Packers drove down the field with ease, they just couldn't convert. They "packed it in", pun intended, once Atlanta capitalized on the turnover and the game was then put out of reach for good. Everything that happened after that really is irrelevant.

The Pats will match Atlanta tit for tat and our D will be able to get a stop or two. I just can't see how Atlanta can stop our O, unless they force a few turnovers.

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Thuney is 6'5". He is only undersized from a weight/muscle standpoint but he can take care of that in a full NFL offseason. Whatever you consider him now, he won't be undersized for long.

Word up is that retired Vince Wilfork is coming back as a dietary coach for underweight guys like Thuney


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3. RB - Actually I think you have to be disappointed in this group's production, as neither White or Lewis had much impact in the passing game, and none of the RB's had any impact in the running game. (except for LGB's electrifying 4th quarter run) On the plus side, according to Bill, they all protected well.

I think the D is more paying attention to our Pass catching RB's more than we think. I think they account for them at all times and even if they don't put up numbers the little things such as effective Blitz pick-up is a joy to BB and McDaniels.


Thanks patfanken, I always enjoy reading your post-game analysis. You provide more insight than most of the talking heads.
Do you have a blog or do you post your thoughts anywhere else?

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